Fashion Designer Diane von Furstenberg studied Economics at the University of Geneva.

Filmmaking & Photography

“Haskel Wexler taught me the dichotomy of working as a cinematographer when he said, “Some days you make art, and some days you make a paycheck.” —Jeff Gatesman

Filmmaking and photography are both relatively young art forms and both industries have changed significantly over the last century.  The “Digital Revolution” is probably the most dramatic evolutionary step and one that has not only affected the technology used but also the varying degrees that artists can make a living from their work.  In short, as the high quality equipment becomes more accessible to more people, the greater the competition.

In our archive we have interviews with a film director & screenwriter, a cinematographer and a photographer.  Each of these professionals has opened up about their education, work experience and the changes they are seeing in their industry.  In addition, they share with us the advice they would give to young people who ultimately want to work in the film industry or become a photographer.


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