Filmmaker Stanley Kubrick worked as a photographer for Look Magazine before he started directing films.

Professionals of Photography

Interviews with photographers and professionals in the photography industry:

Ellen Boughn, Commercial Stock Photo Licensing Expert and Photographic Licensing & Copyright Appraiser

Mike Davis, Picture Editor

Jeff Gatesman, Cinematographer & Photographer

Karijn Kakebeeke, Photojournalist

Robbie McClaran, Editorial Photographer


A New Direction

My father always told me, ‘Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.  

—Jim Fox


Many of us daydreamed of what we wanted to be when we grew up.  For some, the plan was fairly simple—to be an artist, a racecar driver or a basketball star.  For others, the goal was a bit more sophisticated—a scuba diving archeologist or a Hummel collector.  A few people stayed on that childhood path but many of us gravitated to more practical disciplines, whether by nature, interest or parental influence.

That said, there are many who begin one career and end up in another.  It is actually very common to make a mid-career switch, with the skills of one’s last career proving to provide interesting tools and perspective with regard to their current calling.

On The Most Talented People in the World website there are interviews with several extraordinary professionals who started out in one occupation and ended up in another.  In some cases, the impetus for change came from an unexpected opportunity, a challenge, or a newly discovered passion.   With us, our interviewees share their career story, from education and work experience to the changes they are seeing in their industry as well as the advice they have to offer to those who are interested in working in their field.


Ellen Boughn—Zoologist who started a photo stock agency

Eric Darton—Graphic designer who became a writer and educator

Thomas Champman—Fisherman and Marine Scientist to Electrical Engineer

Helen Pilgrim—Computer programmer turned accountant

Joseph Deiss—Photographer and teacher who became a mechanical engineer

Sallie Tisdale—Nurse and writer


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