Musician Brian May of the band Queen is also an astrophysicist, having acquired his Ph.D. from the Imperial College London.

Food as a human right: how cuts to food stamps are hurting the next generation


Dr. Deborah Frank, Director of Grow Clinic for Children at Boston Medical Center:

“Early childhood is when the baby’s brain is going to increase two and a half times — two-thirds of the adult size — with adequate nourishment. Nutrition is the building block of the brain. […]

“It’s been calculated that a $20 billion cut in SNAP [the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program] (which is about the combined impact of the November cuts with the current legislation) will lead to a $15 billion increase for diabetes alone. […]

“If you’re trying to save society money, that’s not how to do it. What you’re doing is increasing all kinds of impairments, learning ability, hospitalizations, behavior problems, and ending probably with a wash or worse in health care and education cost.

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